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These samples are from demos recorded in Deb's basement and Theresa's loft. While they almost knew what they were doing as audio techs and editors, covid restrictions reduced the times where one could help out the other by voicing second characters, let alone with ensemble pieces. That's why you  hear one voice for duets and trios, as well as Deb trying to sing the baritone of Ernest or Gert's brothers.

Part of the Opening near the beginning, when 15-year-old Gert sneaks out of the house, with its morning chores, to join the boys in the barn.

Stuck on the Farm
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BROTHERS Heave-ho! Heigh-ho! GERT Why do my chores keep me indoors? I can't abide being inside. Boys make the hay and drive the sleigh. Girls get to scrub and cook the boys grub. I'd like to take a train all the way to old Saint John. If I could make the money I'd be gone. Or if I had a job I'd buy a car and I would drive. But I'm stuck on the farm, I'm stuck on the farm, I'm stuck on the farm in nineteen-hundred-and-five.

New to London, Gert has an unusual but promising encounter with Sunita Sharma. Here is the end of the love song that follows.

Crime to Love
00:00 / 00:26

GERT Emma showed me how to sing. Heidi showed me how two friends can rhyme. Maybe this woman sings my song. Tell me, how is my love a crime?

Later that day, Gert happens upon Sunita handling a rowdy crowd at Speakers' Corner with grace and wit.

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JACQUELINE Hoo hoo hoooo. Hoo-hoo-hooligans. NELLIE: Stay at home with your children, as God intended. SUNITA It is in the home where women are abused… bullied, slapped and bruised. Nellie and Gert look at Ernest. FACTORY WORKER: Right, Miss, don’t the toffs talk you down. Gert claps. The heckler picks up a rock and readies to throw. Gert grabs it. He turns, but she’s gone. NELLIE: My husband votes for us both. SUNITA If you agree on everything, I simply am astounded. He will vote the way he wants and call your views unfounded. JACQUELINE Hoo hoo hoooo. FACTORY WORKER And what about the household with no man behind the door? I work all day, I pay the rent. I’m not inferior. ERNEST: Violence is uncivilized in today’s society. Stick to demonstrations. SUNITA You Englishmen have only one true god: it’s property that you laud….

A split scene. Sunita has left Gert and doesn't realize she's been arrested and thrown into Holloway Prison. From the comfort of her bedroom, Sunita pours out her heart to the love she abandoned. From her cell, Gert sings a lament to Sunita ...  until the prison doctor prepares for yet another forced feeding.

Game of Hearts
00:00 / 01:20

GERT All my life I’ve had to pay a price just for being me. I can see this will never change – the price of victory. GERT AND SUNITA I asked you to stay close by my side. Love denied, and I’m left alone, alone with all my pride. The Prison Doctor enters and listens to Gert’s heart. SUNITA GERT How you captivate. Won’t cooperate. I’m a prisoner. I’m a prisoner. Your prisoner. Darling you are my Torturer. Torturer! The wardresses hold Gert’s limbs as the doctor prepares his tools. SUNITA Why did I say goodbye? The game of hearts can finish suddenly without a victory. The doctor forces a tube down Gert’s throat….

Gert has lost her belief that the bodyguard for Mrs Pankhurst can accomplish anything except injury to 'her girls'; she wants to go back to New Brunswick, despite pressure from her pal Lilian.

I Must Believe
00:00 / 01:03

GERT Going back a failure is degrading. They will ridicule my suffragette career. Can I find the will to keep crusading? Feeling as I do, there’s no use staying here. LILIAN Where is all the passion for the mission? The bodyguard won’t work if Gert has lost her heart. I call for a fiery sedition. This world is so unjust, it must be pulled apart. GERT AND LILIAN I need to believe it will get better. I, I must believe.

Part of the Finale. The Battle of Glasgow did not go well: Mrs Pankhurst is re-arrested and the bodyguard are all injured and lying on the floor. Gert picks herself up and starts tending to the wounds of her girls. Then the Chief Inspector Detective arrives with handcuffs.

Gert's Anthem, website, 90Theresa Patterson
00:00 / 01:31

GERT Back off, boys. You've done enough tonight. BODYGUARD Women around the world Reach out your hands and unite. GERT Find the men who want to work with you. SUNITA And you can build a world where all women's dreams can come true. ​ENSEMBLE Surviving abuse where we work, where we live. Kept on the sidelines, despite what we give. No more! Sisters together, we've opened the door. GERT We will rise up. We will rise up. We will rise up and build the world anew!

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